Letters Written on Active Duty 1967-71

March 17, 1967  Parris Island, South Carolina

Dear Folks,

Having a great time at Parris Island, South Carolina in Boot Camp.  The food is great and we get lots of healthful exercize. The drill instructors are really nice guys.

Please don't send any cookies or candy. The drill instructors make you eat the whole thing on the spot.

They are keeping us really busy. They are making us highly motivated. I get to read this very interesting little red book all the time over and over. I have very little time to write. Thats all for now.


Private Craig Hullinger

May 1, 1967

We are graduating from boot camp and I will be going to Infantry Training at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  I am very glad to leave this place - lots of fun.  

Love you.


May 23, 1967

Infantry training is a lot better then boot camp. Not nearly so much harassment. We are getting to shoot just about every weapon the Marine Corps has.  I caught mess duty again for two weeks.  

I will be coming home for leave and then travelling to Marine Corps Recruit Dept San Diego, California for Anti Air Warfare Electronic Warfare School.

Love you.